What’s the best thing average citizens can do to fight climate change? Defeat Republicans in 2024.

Before we can exit the burning house, we must remove the trash blocking the door.

Steve Genco
14 min readAug 8, 2023


A map of the United states combining geographic distribution of six kinds of climate threats in 2009: extreme heat, wildfires, water stress, extreme rainfall, sea level rise, and hurricanes and typhoons.
Thanks to Alexander Goldman for producing this consolidated map of climate threats across the USA. Note that the map was created in 2009, so this is effectively “the good old days”. (source)

In the summer of 2023, the chickens came home to roost. And the chickens were angry. As summarized by the Washington Post, July 2023 was unlike anything humanity has experienced before:

“It brought deadly and historic rains to parts of India and Vermont, and raging wildfires that delivered dangerously unsafe air to parts of the United States and Canada — all the sort of calamities that researchers have long predicted as the planet heats up. Protracted heat waves that have enveloped parts of North America and Europe during July would have been “virtually impossible” without the fingerprint of climate change, researchers found.

“But some events were so abnormal, they sent a wave of consternation through the scientific community. Antarctic sea ice is at a historically low level for this time of year, according to federal data. Sea surface temperatures across the north Atlantic have been “off the charts,” Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service reported, noting that the figures set records for this time of year “by a very large margin.” Water temperatures off the coast of South Florida rose to unfathomable levels in recent days, leading scientists to fear for the fate of the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States.” (source)

All of this — so much, so fast, so soon — has left the climate science community somewhat agog (source). As for the rest of us, I sense we are finally beginning to experience an attitude shift. Putting aside those of us who still live in a cultish fog of denial and hate (more on them in a moment), most people are coming to the realization that the world is indeed tipping into a new climate reality for which we are completely unprepared — despite the warnings the climate scientists have been issuing for decades (source). People are finally getting scared, and that is good.

If we look honestly at what our political and economic elites are up to in 2023, we see three undeniable facts:

  • They have given up on trying to cool the planet. All future plans call for…



Steve Genco

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