Is the Republican Party Too High Maintenance for America?

They seem to want us to do an awful lot of work for them

Steve Genco
3 min readApr 30, 2023


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I’m beginning to feel that the main problem with the Republican Party is that they’re just expecting too much from the normally politically lazy American public. Look at some of the things they expect us to do if we want to be a part of their “team”:

  • When in public, we must wear funny red baseball hats and ill-fitting costumes made out of discarded American flags.
  • We must mount huge Trump flags on our pick-up trucks (we must drive pick-up trucks), obscuring our vision of the road and significantly lowering our mileage.
  • We must purchase the full set of Trump Trading Cards for $99 each.
  • We must carry guns at all times and be ready to engage in a firefight at any moment.
  • We must love our guns more than we care about the safety of our children.
  • We must be willing to threaten any local public official with death for doing their job.
  • We must attend every local school board meeting and demand the banning of at least five books we have never read.
  • Preferably, we should home-school our kids so they don’t get indoctrinated by so-called “education”.



Steve Genco

Steve is author of Intuitive Marketing (2019) & Neuromarketing for Dummies (2013). He holds a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University.