I believe today's Democrats are neither blind nor stupid, but they are the captives of yesterday's Democrats, the one's who didn't respond as the GOP began methodically taking over key swing states and the Federal Judiciary.

My only complaint with your diagnosis is that you seem to assume that if outcome X happens and Dems are "in power" then they must have intended X to happen. Or they were too stupid to know that X was happening.

Another possibility is that Dems are not really "in power." In 2020 Dems got 20 MILLION more Senate votes than Repubs, but that only yielded 50 seats. The Electoral College has awarded the Presidency to Republicans who failed to win a majority of the popular vote twice so far in this century, and they in turn have stacked the judiciary, destroyed the economy (anybody remember 2008?), plundered the Treasury (remember the Trump tax cuts?), and then left the mess for the Dems to clean up.

But once Dems are "in power", Repubs use their asymmetric power in the Senate, the States, and now SCOTUS, to obstruct any efforts the Dems make to fix the broken system. Even to protect people from a deadly plague. Then they get all of us to blame the Dems, as you are doing, so they can get back into power. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Not to see the depth of this broken system, to waste your energy screaming at other flies stuck in the same spider's web as you are, is futile.

I believe what we need to prepare for now is the aftermath of the Republican Revolution, which Sam Alito has just announced. How long will this new theocracy last in a country where 80% of the population oppose it? How will our new Republican rulers solve the very different expectations of their religious nutjob wing, their plutocratic/libertarian wing (the Koch/Thiel/Musk types), their corporate greed wing (which they're currently alienating), and their violent QAnon wing?

Now that Republicans are on the verge of neutralizing THE VOTE as a means of ever removing them from power, we have to ask "how will it happen?" Because it will happen. This is not Afghanistan. The 80% of us about to come under the yoke of these American Taliban are not a bunch of ignorant peasants. Americans know how to be very unfriendly to govt overreach, whether from the left or the right.

What we need in November is simple. Retain the majority in the House and win at least 52 seats in the Senate. If we can do those 2 things, we can neutralize Manchin and Sinema, blow up the filibuster and start passing laws to prevent the upcoming 2024 coup. If we cannot (and every indication at this point says we cannot) the electoral path to recovery is essentially closed. At that point, all bets are off.

So how about we stop yelling at the Dems, as the GOP playbook wants us to, and focus on how we're going to fight for our democracy, both leading up to and following the fast-approaching midterms? Dems may not be leading this fight, but they are allies, not enemies. Let's stand down the circular firing squad.



Steve is author of Intuitive Marketing (2019) & Neuromarketing for Dummies (2013). He holds a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University.

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Steve Genco

Steve Genco


Steve is author of Intuitive Marketing (2019) & Neuromarketing for Dummies (2013). He holds a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University.