It’s scary out there (Photo by Cheri Alguire , Getty Images)

A Statistical Romp Through the Badlands of Republican Power in American States

Republicans want to take over America. How are they doing in the states they’ve already taken over?

When Republicans have greater legislative power in American states, how do their citizens fare, compared to citizens in other states?

Figure 1. The spectrum of legislative majority power in the 50 US states

An underlying assumption of this analysis is that the greater a party’s majority in a state legislature, the more that state’s policies and outcomes are attributable to the wishes, priorities, and governing competence of that majority party.

Republican power and progress on COVID-19 vaccinations

Figure 2. States with larger Republican majorities are lagging in vaccination progress

A prime directive — the prime directive — for any state government is to keep its citizens safe and alive.

Republican power and state healthcare outcomes

For all six healthcare measures, greater Republican power is consistently associated with worse, not better, healthcare rankings.

Figure 3. States with larger Republican majorities have worse healthcare systems and outcomes

What these data imply is that the relationship between Republican state power and poor vaccination progress is not a bug in Republican governance; it is a feature.

Republican power and state education outcomes

Figure 4. States with larger Republican majorities have worse education systems and outcomes

The large cluster of Republican-controlled states ranked between 25 and 50 (n=20 of 33) means that these states are less effective at keeping their schools safe than states with Democratic majorities.

Republican power and state median income

Figure 5. States with larger Republican majorities have lower median incomes

On average, the larger the Republican majority in a state government, the lower its citizens’ median income levels.

Republican power and state tax policy

Figure 6. States with larger Republican majorities have lower tax rates, except for sales tax

Lower tax rates mean less money flowing into state treasuries, which in turn means less money available for state programs.

Conclusion: Is this the future we want for America?

Republican-led state legislatures are now laying the groundwork to overturn American elections and bring their unique brand of ideological denial and incompetence to the federal level.


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